02 Gennaio 1931 (Waukegan, USA) – 3 Marzo 2012 (Los Angeles, USA) Frank Marocco was a star on the firmament of the accordion players.
He has done a great deal of studio session work on the West coast and has become one of the most recorded accordionists in the world.
Frank has played on hundreds of movie soundtracks, TV series and specials, records and commercials. He was nominated eight years in a row as most valuable player by the National Academy of Arts and Sciences (N.A.R.A.S.).
An artist, that can look back on collaborations with Frank Sinatra and Pink Floyd, Prince, Madonna, John Hammond and Luciano Pavarotti, Arthur Rubinstein, Ricky Martin, Brian Wilson, Russel Watson, Liza
Minnelli and Sophia Loren.

Discografia / Composizioni

  • Tow for the Roads with Daniele di Bonaventura 2011
  • Travelling “in Time” 2011
  • Changes 2010
  • Turns up the Flame 2010
  • Giannelli Square 2010
  • Jazz on the Road 2009
  • Appassionato 2008
  • Cammino dritto 2008
  • Just Friends 2006
  • Back in Time 2006
  • Bee-Bop Buffet 2006
  • Beyond the Sea Frank Marocco 2004
  • Appassionato Frank Marocco 2003
  • Made in Germany
  • Freedom Flight
  • Brazilian Waltz
  • Ballade for Anne
  • A Nite in Marocco
  • Frank Maraocco Quintet Live
  • Turn on the Stars
  • Evergreens
  • Like Frank Marocco