since 1919


Sound, touch and design have set an uncompromising standard of the characters of Victoria Accordions.
Handcrafting each Victoria requires up to three full month – creating an instrument of rare quality and global renown,
using traditional, high tech applitcations and collaborations with artists.
Our passion for the music remains always the fondament of our work.
In the various stiles of the accordion world,
Victoria has been always in the centre of attention of big public,
thanks to artists, who have chosen the quality of Victoria Accordions
to express themselves through our sound, making us proud of our work.

The best accordionists in the world
have always chosen a Victoria.

Some of them started their career with this instrument
that has accompanied them in concerts all over the world ever since

1919, Castelfidardo
Victoria was founded
by Dario Dari and Adriano Picchietti.

The factory later changed
its name to Victoria.
The production concentrated from the beginning
on high quality accordions.

Victoria was one of the
first factories that started to produce
converted accordions hence
the name Victoria converter.

Victoria has always worked with the greatest accordionists and teachers,
this cooperation has helped to innovate
and modificate models known for their longlife
and customer satisfaction.
is warm, velvety and unmistakable.