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CD Production *** Whenever YOU are ready!

(Reservation of this service at least 2 month ahead your arrival – contact us:

We make your dream come true!

We organize your Accordion CD Production – from the Recording Session – Mastering and Grafic Design as well as Printing your CD.

From Solo CD – over Sessions with other musicians – Orchester Recordings

Ask us for more information – starting from 3.500 Euro (500 CD´s printed) included Recording, Mixing, Printing CD, Hotel Stay, etc.

Travelcost for the arrival to Castelfidardo NOT included !
If you want – we plan you travel too –


Frank Marocco

ASR 10/001

Massimo Tagliata
C´era una volta

ASR 10/004

Frank Marocco Quartet
Gianelli´s Square

ASR 10/005

Frank Marocco
Traveling in Time


Frank Marocco
Quartett Copenhagen
Turns up the Flame


Klaus Paier

ASR 11/006

Martin Wagner
Tango Transit

ASR 11/007 

Frank Marocco
Daniele di Bonaventura
Two for the road

ASR 11/008 

Frank Marocco – Last CD

ASR 12/009 

Colors of Music

ASR 12/010  

Frank Petrilli
Totally Frank

ASR 12/011 

Roberto Zecchini
Giuherme Ribeiro
A deep surface

ASR 13/012  

Antonino de Luca
Walkin’ on my way

ASR 14/014 

Massimo Mazzoni
Christian Riganelli
New Klezmer Tales

ASR 15/015